Good evening CJD Parents. Please read the important updates and reminders below: 

1. Wednesday is an E-Learning Day. Students do not report to school on Wednesday, only staff report. 

2. Students that failed more than one course on their progress report received a letter last Friday. Please ask your child for the letter if you did not receive it from them. Students that failed one core class will receive a letter this week. If your child failed one class, please ask them daily about the letter until you receive the letter this week. Students not in good standing can fail the entire semester. Please assist us in making sure your child makes up all of their work and remains in good standing moving forward. You can check their grades daily in PowerSchool to ensure they are in good standing. 

3. Students can bring $3.00 on Thursday if they want to attend the Christmas concert at FHPS this Thursday. They will pay their homeroom teacher on 12/8. 

4. When your child is absent, please send their excuse the next day. Students with multiple unexcused absences are being referred to the truancy officer at the BOE. You can send excuses for past unexcused absences to the office, and we will enter them. Have a great day!