In honor of National Counseling Week, we recognize and salute our Counseling Team who play an integral role in supporting our students, parents, faculty, staff, administrators, and the community at large! They are always ready and willing to give of themselves for any and all matters for which they can exercise their expertise.  We are definitely grateful to have you on our TEAM!!! (T) Together (E) Everyone (A) Achieves (M) More in Fairfield. Be encouraged and continue to be of great service to our school district...we see your efforts and your BIG HEART!!!! Hats off to:

Tonya Young, Counselor, Robinson Primary School

Jenequa Winston, Counselor, Glen Oaks Intermediate School

Monica Williams, Counselor,      C. J. Donald Middle School

Darlene Duke, Counselor, Fairfield High Preparatory School

Nora Hill, Counselor, Fairfield High Preparatory School

Emily Herring Bryan, District-wide Mental Health Coordinator

and all of our collaborative partners,