Program Cover

Senior Installation for the Class of 2022 was a wonderful program filled with pride. Congratulations again to our Seniors on reaching this milestone!!! Be encouraged and stay focused as you complete the remainder of your Senior year...there is still work to be done that requires your undivided attention.

Do well in your current classes and review your transcipt again double checking to ensure all is well and you are on track to earn the required credits and CRI established by the Alabama State Department of Education in order to be a candidate for graduation. Take advantage of (1) your support system (everyone is willing to assist in anyway they can to help you be successful), (2) special programs/sessions on Saturdays (to help increase your test scores on the ACT & WorkKeys which are designed to make you more marketable as you prepare for the next level). 

You should also seek assistance to enroll in Credit Recovery (if needed), complete your FAFSA & apply to schools & for scholarships if you choose the path to college, schedule to take the take the ASVAB if you plan to enlist in the military or research the requirements for the job you desire after high school (communicate with your Counselor, College & Career Coach or the Career Coach...we may be able to help you obtain those skills through our various partnerships). 

As of today, you are the CAPTAIN OF YOUR SHIP. You are at a pivital point to choose what's best for you.  Today's choices will greatly impact your choose wisely. In a few short months, we will celebrate your actual GRADUATION...stay focused and finish strong!!!