Ms. Mitchell

During the week of July 12th, several Fairfield employees attended the annual MEGA Conference in Mobile, Alabama.  The Alabama State Department of Education choses this time to roll out new initiatives, 
share updates/expectations, offer professional development through in-depth training sessions, and create opportunities for 
teachers, principals, administrators, superintendents,  support personnel and retirees to engage in meaning conversations with one another and vendors  in preparation for the upcoming school year.

One learning opportunity during this year's conference served as the culminating training session for a group of professionals. We extend a hearty round of applause and a thunderous congratulation to our Fairfield employee, Kim Mitchell,  on becoming a Certified Youth Mental Health First Aid Instructor.

The  goal of her newly gained skillset is to train other adults how to recognize and respond to people who may be living with a Mental Health problem or experiencing a crisis. 

Kudos, Ms. Mitchel!!! 
FCS is proud of your accomplishment and looking forward to reaping the benefits of your expertise.