child development services

Tri-City Pre-K is a collaborative effort amongst Fairfield City Schools, Midfield City Schools, Foundation Early Learning Center, and AMI Group, Inc. (Agape AMI Pre-K). We are one of Alabama's nationally recognized First Class Pre-K programs. The intent is for children to gain the greatest possible benefits from this preschool experience.


  • Social- Emotional - The learner regulates own emotions and behaviors.
  • Physical - The learner demonstrates balancing, gross motor and fine-motor skills.
  • Language - The learner uses language to express thoughts and needs.
  • Cognitive - The learner demonstrates positive approaches to learning.
  • Literacy - The learner demonstrates knowledge of print and comprehends and responds to books and other texts.   
programs & services

  • Preschool Exceptional Education is a program offered at Tri-City Pre-K. The program provides special education and related services for all eligible children beginning at the age of 3 years old. Early intervention is important because it facilitates the development of infants and toddlers with disabilities and could lessen the impact.
  • Parent engagement is encouraged in our program. Parents are required to volunteer a total of 12 hours during the school year. We also offer parenting workshops that promote learning and child development.