Seth Goldman
Board President
Randal Smith
Board Vice-President
Dr. Donna H. Mitchell
Board Member
Willie Rodgers, Jr
Board Member
Elise M. McLin
Board Member
Dr. Regina Thompson
Walter Curry
Director of Operations & Technology
Zenobia Odoms
Director, Human Resources
Ardrene Bishop
Director, Special Education and Federal Programs
Wanda Jackson
Chief School Finance Officer
Gina Shell
Director, Child Nutrition Program
LaRhonda Aikerson
Director, Teaching and Learning
Kim Mitchell
Special Education/Psychological Services Lead Teacher
Ronnie Holston
Instructional Technology/Data Analyst Lead Teacher
Judy Ard
Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent
Carolyn Bester
Administrative Assistant, Federal Programs/Special Education
Alisha Mitchell
Administrative Assistant of Human Resources
Victoria Broadnax
Accounts Payable Bookkeeper
Belinda Parks
Payroll Bookkeeper
Beatrice Blanton
CNP/Maintenance Bookkeeper