2019-2020 Student Services Brochure

The Fairfield City Schools Department of Student Services was established to provide a holistic support system wherein enhancing the quality of academics, social/emotional, and career education for its students is a priority. This department is committed to increasing the graduation rate and reducing the dropout rate through a comprehensive and explicit approach that identifies, implement and monitor appropriate student support services for success from elementary to high school. Ensuring that students/parental rights and responsibilities are communicated within an environment where mutual respect and restraint are fundamental. The school district is committed to becoming inviting/customer friendly per the Invitational Education Model. Creating, monitoring and enhancing the full implementation of inviting and supportive schools are a priority. People are first and foremost.

The Fairfield City Schools Department of Student Services is responsible for providing the following services: school counseling and guidance, attendance/truancy, alternative school education, registration/residency, dropout/intervention, code of student conduct/due process hearings/appeal, Title IX compliance, anti harassment/bullying, parenting, mentoring, community education, and implementation of the Alabama Student Assistance Plan (ASAP).

The success of this department is directly related to the inclusion of culture and context as a significant cornerstone. Culture influences everything that happens in our school/system. Culture is defined as the beliefs, attitudes, values and behavior which characterize a school. The surrounding conditions, circumstances or events that form the environment within something exists or takes place are also critical, and is known as the context. This department is committed to addressing the best interest of our students. The process of providing support information, skills, resources and experiences necessary to educate all students/ stakeholders in a democracy for a global world is the reason this department exists. Finally, the conceptual model used herein rests upon mutual respect, trust, caring, optimism, and intentionality (meaning). Furthermore, this department has an abiding belief in the potential of individuals/students to be transformed for the better; through a well educated teaching force, wherein cooperation, communication and collaboration are focused on quality teaching and learning.



Director Barbara Feagin 205-783-6850