Philosophy of RES

The faculty and staff of Robinson Elementary School has a responsibility in shaping the future of students. The school endeavors to produce students who are not only academically sound, but who are able to adjust, function, reason, and cope in society.

In order to achieve these aims, students are exposed to learning environments adapted to meet their individual learning styles. Student progress is monitored and promoted through an open line of communication between the home and school.

The faculty and staff are committed to helping students understand their roles in society as future voters, civic leaders, and contributors to the democratic way of life. Students are encouraged to look beyond the basic physical needs and to strive for self-discipline, self-respect, and concern for the rights and property of others. Living skills and problem solving techniques are emphasized in order to help students become productive members of society.

The faculty and staff are convinced that each student should understand the importance of good health. Therefore, students are taught sound nutritional planning, standards of personal hygiene, and the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse. Students are led to develop physical skills and leadership capabilities satisying to themselves and society.