Back-to-School and Introduction Letter from Dr. Regina Thompson, Superintendent

Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year!!

Whether you are returning or new to the Fairfield City School System, we warmly welcome you to this school year. I am extremely proud and honored to have been selected by the Board Members to be your new Superintendent and I look forward to our working together this year and the years to come on behalf of our students.

As we turn the page on the past and move forward with the New Fairfield City School System, there is much for us to be excited about as we begin this school year. We are in a unique position to create a world class school district that provides students with an exceptional elementary experience to prepare them for high school, college and careers in the 21st century.

As I begin this school year as superintendent, I could not be more excited! I come to you with years of experience as an educator and as an educational leader. I offer over twenty years of educational, administrative and leadership expertise in public and private educational entities. I am an effective leader with exceptional interpersonal, communication, and organizational skills. I have served as a teacher of urban, rural and suburban school districts, a Principal, an Assistant Professor at Samford University, Executive Director, Administrator/Coordinator of Early Childhood Education, Chief of Teaching and Learning, Assistant Superintendent, Director of Curriculum & Instruction, Director of Title I, and as Interim Deputy Superintendent.

While incorporating developed skills over the past several years, I have profoundly demonstrated integrity, strong leadership and initiative in addressing the educational goals and objectives of organizations, universities, districts, schools, and the community. It is my nature and philosophy to look for the best in each individual that I serve. I will do what is necessary to assist and team with administrators, teachers, staff, parents, and community partners, whereas as a team we all perform to our fullest potential, as we collectively put students first.

Our work for the 2018-2019 school year has already begun. I have met with central office administration, principals and other stakeholders and we are eagerly preparing for a successful year. My vision and mission as your Superintendent is also my passion and it is the reason I have remained committed to promoting academic excellence and enhancing the physical, intellectual, socio-emotional and cultural growth of all students. It is critical to every student’s success that they leave our schools with the requisite skills to achieve at high levels. We can have a singular, laser focus on instruction and build consistency of practice across schools.

We are all responsible for the success of our students. Leadership is a shared responsibility, with teams collaborating, while engaging our parents, community partners and all of our stakeholders. I will work closely with the Board Members and meet with all our partnering groups to hear their voices and solicit their continued support.

Fairfield City Schools is a school system purposefully committed to providing a quality education for all students. The school system has worked diligently to develop and maintain a reputation as an elite, proactive, and successful school system dedicated to student achievement as its top priority. As superintendent, it is my responsibility to uphold these fundamental values by placing students at the forefront of all decision-making and supporting teachers with the necessary resources for effective instruction. Working together with stakeholders, my goal is to respect, support, and set high expectations for all employees to ensure a valuable, productive, and safe educational environment.

As we work together as a team to accomplish the goals itemized below, please remember my commitment to you is to lead by example and with integrity. This commitment will also match my actions to my beliefs in trustworthy ways – transparent, honest, sincere, and dependable. I am ecstatic about this work and expect to learn from each of you as much as I hope to contribute.

Superintendent’s Vision and Goals

1. Embrace a collaborative culture that builds community schools through the engagement of staff, parents, and community partners to support the district and accelerated student success.

2. Create student-centered learning environments, whereas students play a key role in setting their goals with their teachers, counselors, advisors, and parents; this will be inclusive of designing strategic instruction and assessments for competency.

3. Ensure technology integration and digital citizenship are part of the instructional process.

4. Ensure that teachers and administrators are collaborating through a Professional Learning Community Process.

5. Create a transparent monitoring system that holds all administrators, faculty, and staff accountable for meaningful school improvement and rapid academic turnaround.

Objectives will be built collaboratively with administrators and staff.

I personally invite you to visit our website at https://fairfieldschoolsystem.com for valuable information about our schools, district policies and who you may contact should you have questions or need additional information. Our website will be continuously updated throughout the school year with information about schools and the school system’s operation.

Educationally yours,

Dr. Regina D. Thompson