Federal Programs

Title I

Title I is the largest federal aid to education programs in this country. Title I programs enable schools to provide opportunities for children served to acquire the knowledge and skills contained in the state content and performance standards developed for all children and to promote effective parent involvement. Eligible schools use Title I funds for supplemental instructional materials, technology, additional teachers and aides, professional development, parent involvement programs and materials, and extended day/year programs.


C. J. Donald Elementary School

Fairfield High Preparatory School

Glen Oaks Elementary School

Robinson Elementary School

Title II

Title II funds support professional development activities designed to prepare, train, and recruit highly qualified teachers and principals. Title II funds are used to support intensive high quality professional development activities in the core academic subjects.

Title III - English Language Learners

The major goals of Title III are to help ensure that limited English proficient children attain English proficiency, develop high levels of academic competence in English, and meet the same challenging State academic content and student academic achievement standards that all children are expected to meet.

Homeless Children and Youth (McKinney-Vento Act)

The McKinney-Vento program is designed to address the problems that homeless children and youth have faced in enrolling, attending, and succeeding in school. The Fairfield City School System has developed policies to remove any barriers that would hinder their academic success and provide them with the same educational services and opportunities to meet the same challenging state student performance standards to which all students are held.


Parents Right to Know

Parent and Family Engagement Plan


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